Medical Universities in France in English

medical universities in france in english

The University of Paris is one of France’s oldest medical universities in English. With more than twenty campuses and research sites offering courses at all levels of education and experience, its academic programs challenge students while offering them meaningful study offers that have real societal effects. Furthermore, it conducts important research into relevant issues like new plastic production techniques made from organic material, global warming and migration – topics which remain top of mind among today’s students.

France refers to universities as “Grandes Ecoles,” which refers to elite academic institutions that adhere to selective admission practices. Graduates typically secure positions within government, administration or elite businesses upon graduating.

University of Missouri-Columbia boasts numerous medical schools and is widely acclaimed for the quality of its education. Their curriculum is quite rigorous, covering all major fields of medicine as well as emphasizing research and teamwork.

Medical studies in France are among the longest in the world, taking nine years to become certified physicians. The first cycle, known as PCEM (Premiere Cycle d’Etudes Medicales), consists of two academic preparatory years that follow an identical curriculum across medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and physiotherapy students. At the end of year one, students take an exam called PACES which determines who will progress to cycle two.

Candidates for admission must possess a valid French language certificate (DELF/DALF/TCF). Furthermore, they should possess good grades in sciences, maths and languages during high school studies.