Meet All USA Study Visa Requirements For Indian Students

usa study visa requirements for indian students

Aspiring for higher studies abroad can be an intimidating challenge for students. Not only must they gain admission into top-ranked colleges within India, they must also fulfil all requirements related to student visa applications to USA from India. According to data provided by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, around 1,99,812 Indian students made this trip in 2022 alone!

Applying for a student visa from India starts with selecting an institution and program. This step involves extensive research on educational facilities, the scope and long-term career prospects of each program/course offered, cost of living in the area and cutting-edge technology available – to name just some factors. It is wise to take your time in making this important decision since this process could last anywhere between six-12 months depending on which university/college you decide upon.

Once you’ve selected your college, you will receive an acceptance letter that can be used to apply for a student visa. The letter includes an SEVP-approved Form I-20 that serves as your main document at a visa interview, along with proof of financial support to cover both tuition fees and living expenses during your initial year of studies.

Once you have satisfied all requirements for applying to study in the USA, book an interview at your respective embassy/ consulate and present all documents required for that interview. As this step can make or break your chances, be sure to prepare carefully and answer all questions honestly and truthfully during this crucial stage.