How to Study in South America

Study in South America

South America is an engaging study destination, drawing in students from around the globe. Boasting high energy city life as well as breathtaking natural splendor, its diversity makes South America an exciting place for any student interested in enrolling at one of Latin America’s prestigious universities.

South American universities are some of the finest and most prestigious worldwide, often appearing on top rankings such as QS World University Rankings. From undergraduate to doctorate programs offered, South America universities provide undergraduate through doctorate degree options for international students looking for further their education in their chosen country. Some even make attending more affordable options than many countries worldwide – making studying there even more viable for international students!

Latin American studies can be considered an interdisciplinary field that encompasses perspectives from disciplines like sociology, history, geography and political science. Within these fields lie more specialized topics such as Latin American or Caribbean studies with more direct connections to areas of research.

Finding the ideal method of studying in South America will help ensure that your time there will be both rewarding and memorable. Strive for balance between studying and exploring; otherwise you could miss out on many cultural and social aspects of each country you visit.

It is key that in order to maximize your time in any country, that you speak the local language. Doing so will enable you to better get to know its inhabitants and better comprehend its culture, as well as open up a whole new world for you – from clear but slower Spanish spoken in Quito or Bogota through to Chilean accents and Argentina accents and their respective vocabulary/slang nuances, plus unique slang from each individual country.

If you are considering studying in South America, it would be prudent to research scholarship opportunities first. There are numerous large organizations such as Rotary and Fulbright which offer scholarships specifically targeted towards international study experiences, while many schools also offer their own individual scholarship programs.

Colombia is an exquisite country filled with vibrant cities and lush rain forests, home to some of the highest biodiverse populations worldwide and some of the happiest citizens. Argentina offers similar benefits; high quality of life, excellent universities and low living costs make Argentina an excellent place for students interested in Business Administration degrees or Public Administration studies – in fact it ranks second globally according to QS World University Rankings!