Study Abroad Masters Program

study abroad masters program

Are You an Enrolled Graduate Student Looking to Study Abroad? Depending on the subject of study and location of school, many opportunities exist for studying abroad. Arts majors could complete a semester at a university in Italy while business majors could complete their term either in London or Paris.

Study abroad masters programs offer more than just resume-enhancing experiences; they allow you to travel and experience another culture – something which will broaden your perspective and allow you to view your field of study with fresh eyes. Such opportunities are especially essential now that many employers require graduates with global capabilities.

Graduate students don’t have as many study abroad options at their disposal compared to undergraduate students; and programs available tend to be more intensive. But once they discover a suitable program, study abroad trips can provide invaluable academic experiences that truly transform lives.

If you want to study abroad for your MBA degree, there are various programs that allow you to attend courses at foreign universities. Or alternatively, you could design your own short-term faculty-directed program or semester or year-long trip as part of your graduate degree degree program.

No matter the degree you pursue – MBA, MPH or MA in Education – it is important to reach out and initiate planning early for an international experience. Discuss any application deadlines as well as requirements related to earning your degree while abroad.