Best Study Abroad Programs

best study abroad programs

Study abroad programs that deliver a remarkable educational experience provide students with an unforgettable educational journey beyond classroom walls. Students immerse themselves in foreign cultures through immersive immersion, improving language skills and possibly even speaking it naturally! Such experiences put academic work into perspective as they expand compassion towards those different from themselves.

Some schools provide multiple study abroad options for their students, providing them with an opportunity to experience various cultures on one trip. These programs may be run by either the school itself or a partner organization and may last anywhere from one semester to several weeks. Some of the best study abroad programs involve service learning activities where students engage in community-based learning while volunteering alongside local residents in support roles – which could open up scholarship opportunities as an added way of improving a college application!

Emory & Henry College provides study abroad programs in over 50 countries worldwide for its students to choose from. Emory & Henry has numerous short-term, faculty-led trips focused on particular locations; an annual program brings students from Adelaide to a social justice center to help distribute food, water and clothing as part of this endeavor.