MBA in France For Indian Students Cost

mba in france for indian students cost

France is an attractive MBA destination for Indian students, offering world-class business schools ranked highly in the QS Global MBA Rankings as well as offering low-cost master’s degrees to international students. Furthermore, France provides safe and secure environments in which to study with many international campuses offering courses such as law, MS, engineering management and accounting postgraduate studies.

To be considered eligible for an MBA program in France, candidates must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and must meet certain additional criteria, such as having attained either an outstanding GMAT score or two years of work experience; although there may also be programs without minimum work experience requirements that accept candidates who are fresh graduates.

Attaining an MBA in France also requires proficiency in French – as the third most spoken language worldwide, fluency will prove useful as students can communicate more easily with potential partners and clients.

Before applying for an MBA in France, it is crucial that prospective applicants understand its cost. There are various factors which contribute to its total price such as tuition fees and living expenses; additionally students should expect a small application fee which typically ranges between 60 to 180 euros.