Medicine Universities in Europe

medicine universities in europe

Becoming a doctor has long been the dream of many students around the globe and Europe is home to some of the top medicine universities. While entering medical school in the US may be easier due to shorter study time and higher acceptance rates, students should conduct extensive research in their dream university’s bursary and scholarship opportunities for international students.

Karolinska Institutet in Sweden is widely considered to be one of Europe’s premier centers for academic medical research, dating back to Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli. Cambridge also stands out as an exceptional university with outstanding faculties and impressive performances in QS rankings – two rebukes of their commitment to providing students with top-quality education.

The University of Edinburgh is another acclaimed UK medical school. Offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in health science, clinical sciences, humanities & social sciences as well as natural & environmental sciences; students interested in medicine will especially appreciate its strong research culture and strong links with hospitals & pharmaceutical industries.

Prospective medical school applicants in the UK should understand that admissions is highly competitive. Only students with strong secondary school academic results stand a chance at admission; some schools require students to sit the UKCAT exam; while others use BMAT exams or combine academic qualifications and secondary school results when selecting applicants.