MS Tuition Fees and Living Costs for a Year of Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is an attractive study abroad destination for International Students. Home to globally-recognized universities with high safety ratings, New Zealand boasts world-class master’s courses at affordable fees with living costs being quite reasonable as well. If you are planning on studying at one of New Zealand’s prestigious universities for an MS degree then it is essential that you research its costs of study.

Tuition fees for Masters programs in New Zealand can vary significantly, depending on your course and field of study. Arts subjects generally tend to be less costly than medicine and engineering programs. You must also budget for living costs such as accommodation, food, utilities and transportation – here is a breakdown of average tuition and living expenses in one year of study in New Zealand to assist your calculations.

In New Zealand, in order to qualify for a master’s degree you must possess at least a second-class honours bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an internationally recognised university. Some institutions may also require other credentials like work experience or relevant research projects in addition. It is wise to check each university’s requirements thoroughly to ensure you meet them all.

Once you have applied to a course, the university will send an offer of place, which confirms all your study details and start dates. You will need this letter when applying for your student visa.