What Course to Study in USA After BCom

study in usa after bcom

After earning their Bachelor’s degree, graduates often begin considering what comes next in life. Although some of those thoughts may include planning an impressive graduation party, most focus on which course of study to follow for career success.

After earning their BCom degrees, most graduate students pursue an MBA to advance their business management knowledge and abilities. There are other options available for graduates seeking further studies once their undergraduate degrees have been earned as well.

One option available to students is earning their Master of Business Analytics (MBA), which gives students the chance to learn data analytics in relation to business. Usually, this two-year program can lead to lucrative career prospects.

Master of Finance (MF). Graduates who achieve this degree may find their opportunities increase drastically, including roles in banking, investments, financial services and strategic planning. It also provides valuable training in corporate financial management and planning.

Human resources offers many exciting career options for those interested in working with people, including recruiting, training and overseeing employees for organizations. Supply chain management also presents great potential; professionals in this field oversee how goods and services travel between suppliers and customers. Finally, stock broking offers another excellent avenue into finance.