Which Are the Universities Accept Without IELTS?

Which are the universities accept without IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standard test used to measure student’s ability to use English language effectively. Administered either on paper or computer, it assesses four areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking – results are reported using bands with higher numbers representing proficiency.

Most universities require applicants with an IELTS score of 5.5 or above to be accepted into their programs, although there are some universities which waive this requirement if you complete a university-approved English language program or submit proof of proficiency certificate instead. Furthermore, certain schools waive this requirement altogether for those having obtained previous degrees in an English-speaking country.

Some schools will waive the IELTS requirement for students studying in their home countries, such as universities in Germany, Australia or Canada. Students may be able to demonstrate English proficiency through transcripts from high school or undergraduate studies; other universities require that a preparatory course for IELTS be attended – often longer and costing more than tuition itself.

Which universities accept students without IELTS Many US universities grant exemptions from taking the IELTS for certain students from Britain, Ireland and other Commonwealth nations or those holding bachelor degrees in an English-speaking country. Some of these universities will request proof of English proficiency via transcripts or letter from their former university; other may require them to participate in an English preparatory course or bridge programme before being accepted.

The University of Delaware is one of several universities that will accept you without IELTS scores, providing an intensive English language program specifically for international students. This will help develop your English skills prior to enrolling in one of its degree programmes and increase your chances of succeeding academically.

Abilene Christian University is another institution that will accept you without needing IELTS scores, established in 1906 and associated with Churches of Christ. One of the largest private universities in the Southwest US, Abilene offers various academic degrees within an environment with strong Christian influences.

National Louis University will admit you without IELTS requirements if you can provide documentation from a previous school or university confirming that your course was taught in English. University of Queensland also waives IELTS for you if your previous course was also taught in English as well as work experience in an English-speaking environment. Finally, Drexel University accepts those participating in its Bridge or University Preparation Summer Program or FCBP programs at its campus.