Cheapest Universities in France For International Students

cheapest universities in france for international students

Studying abroad can be both rewarding and expensive; France stands out amongst many nations by offering affordable tuition fees for international students. Here, we discuss some of the cheapest universities in France offering international education.

The University of Paris is an esteemed, top-ranked university that has existed for more than 1000 years. Offering a diverse array of programs and boasting outstanding research facilities, as well as offering great student life and facilities.

Public university offering undergraduate and master’s degrees to international students from around the globe. One of France’s cheapest universities, it is well known for its research in fields including science, technology and the arts – it has students from over 200 nations! Furthermore, this multicultural campus welcomes international students.

This French university provides an array of degree programs in engineering, business and law at very competitive tuition prices. Furthermore, international students can benefit from various scholarships available and an excellent student life.

Public university offering master’s to doctoral degree programs. One of the cheapest universities, it is well-regarded for research in computer science and humanities as well as its excellent teaching staff and research facilities. Furthermore, this is a very multicultural university with students hailing from many diverse backgrounds attending.