Diploma Courses in Australia

diploma courses in australia

Diploma courses in Australia provide you with hands-on skills you can put to use immediately, and are an alternative path to university if you do not meet minimum entry requirements or wish to specialise prior to embarking on graduate study. They generally cover all the theoretical concepts associated with a particular field and can be taught either classroom style or online.

Australian universities are widely respected for the high quality education they offer and are among the premier study abroad destinations for international students. Their specialised full-time and part-time diploma courses give you the chance to develop valuable practical skills which can assist in your chosen career pursuit.

Diplomas are nationally-recognized vocational education and training (VET) qualifications that can be completed quickly. A diploma combines an academic curriculum with educational and vocational skills training, equipping you for further study or employment opportunities.

Duration of Diploma Courses. Durations for diploma courses can differ depending on whether they are taken full- or part-time, online or as distance education courses; most diplomas can typically be completed within one to two years.

Qualifications can also open doors for post-study work opportunities in Australia, with skilled graduates eligible for the Graduate Work Stream visa allowing them to stay for up to 18 months post-graduation and expand their network and professional contacts.