Master of Business Administration (MBA) From New Zealand

An MBA degree is among the most desirable academic qualifications worldwide, due to its rigorous curriculum and balanced approach between theory and practice. Anyone seeking to enhance their career prospects should strongly consider studying for this qualification.

New Zealand has quickly become an attractive study destination for international MBA aspirants looking for an immersive MBA experience. Its welcoming environment, prestigious universities and cutting-edge curriculum attract many from around the globe – graduates can even stay for three years post graduation on post-study visa.

Before choosing a university, it’s essential to take into account both its MBA courses and tuition fee as well as placement record and student support services before making a definitive choice. An established institution may even offer extra benefits such as scholarships and accommodation assistance to MBA students.

The University of Auckland provides various MBA programs designed to meet different needs, from its full-time yearlong MBA and graduate entry MBA offerings, which target professionals with no or limited business management experience as well as those wanting to advance their careers within New Zealand. Each programme focuses on creating an exceptional holistic learning experience and offers excellent value.