Universities in Europe That Teach in English Undergraduate

universities in europe that teach in english undergraduate

An undergraduate university degree can be one of the best investments students can make, yet selecting the ideal program and location may prove challenging. Start Skool has put together this list of European universities teaching English undergraduate programs to assist with narrowing down students’ options.

No matter your desired field of study – from business and law, to engineering or humanities, universities in Europe provide Bachelor degrees taught entirely in English. Each university was selected due to their outstanding academic standing, diverse student population and stunning locations.

Some universities on our rankings are situated in countries with high concentrations of native speakers while others provide English-language enclaves within other nations. All have earned high marks for quality instruction and their commitment to welcoming international students.

VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a top-ranked research university offering many programs taught entirely in English. VU regularly appears in international rankings and is known for its strengths in several areas such as social sciences and arts, business economics, natural science, medicine and more. Established in 1472, Oxford is a world-class institution known for attracting the brightest students worldwide and for outstanding teaching and research performance; also considered one of the oldest and prestigious institutions in Britain.