Work and Study in Canada

work and study in canada

Canada is an attractive choice for international students due to its affordability, quality education, diverse culture, lenient PR policies and many work/study opportunities. Working while studying is a fantastic way to meet people, develop new skills and gain experience in your chosen field while making friends – it will also teach you to prioritise and manage time more efficiently!

Canadian Universities provide several programs that combine work and study, such as Co-op or Work while you Study programs. This enables you to combine your studies with an internship in a company and gain invaluable hands-on experience related to your field of study, increasing both your resume and professional growth.

Another fantastic option is the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which allows you to stay in Canada after graduating and gain work experience for up to three years after your graduation. This can help build up valuable work experience as you build up your CV before applying for residency status.

As a student, it’s crucial that studies remain the top priority. Ask for time off during exam periods or big deadlines as needed and track both your hours and earnings to comply with provincial minimum wage requirements as well as providing your employer with payslips and maintaining all records necessary.