A Degree in Asian Studies Builds Skills That Are Valuable for a Variety of Careers

asian studies major

Asian studies degrees provide students with a great way to build understanding and expertise of an area that has become increasingly significant in global politics, business, culture and education. This interdisciplinary major develops skills applicable across multiple careers such as law, government service journalism arts etc.

Many colleges that offer this major encourage students to travel abroad in order to immerse themselves in the cultures they’re studying and meet its inhabitants firsthand. You could do this via a study abroad program or intern in China, Japan or Korea or another place in Asia.

Colleges often offer courses that provide an introductory overview of Asian history, society and culture. Based on your interests and career goals, you can narrow your focus down further to one region or area such as China or Japan–or East Asia in general. Furthermore, one or more Asian languages could also be studied while minoring in a related discipline to further broaden your expertise.

Your journey towards honors in Asian Studies starts by completing two semesters of independent senior honors work (CAS IR 401 and 402) under faculty guidance. This work must demonstrate your ability to conduct original research, engage in critical thought, and communicate clearly before being presented before a panel of faculty readers who will decide if your submission merits honors in your major.