Foreign Studies About Website

foreign studies about website

Internet has become an integral component of modern life and plays an integral part in various business operations such as marketing, information provision, education and research. Websites have quickly become the hub for Web-enabled business activities and act as an invaluable source of information for visitors [1]. A website’s quality can be evaluated using various metrics including usability, content utility, arousal and satisfaction ratings. Usability can be defined as the extent to which a product can be used by specific users to reach their goals effectively, efficiently, and with satisfaction in a specific context of use [2]. Content utility refers to how useful and relevant information provided on a website. Arousal measures interest and motivation levels when visiting websites while satisfaction measures their user-friendliness.

Surveys, questionnaires and interviews were the three primary methodologies employed in foreign studies regarding website. Surveys/questionnaires were utilized in most studies (69 studies); interviews were utilized in 27 (39%), both pre-and post-website use interviews to gain participant opinion about various attributes.

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