International Students’ Problems When Moving Abroad to Study

international students problems

International students attempting to study abroad frequently encounter specific cultural, linguistic and psychological obstacles which affect their academic performance as well as lead to other negative repercussions in their lives. Such issues include homesickness, feeling of inadequacy due to financial or social pressures, differences in learning styles among other things.


Homesickness is a very common experience among international students studying in another country. Students often miss their family and friends back home and spend much of their time thinking of them – this can cause great amounts of anxiety as well as physical health problems; therefore it is critical for international students to find a local group who will serve as extended family and support network for them during this transition period.

Language Can Be an Issue

Communicating effectively in English can be an immense struggle for international students settling into new environments, which can impede on communication with professors and fellow classmates, participation in class discussions, taking advantage of office hours, understanding written assignments requiring research or analysis and taking full advantage of office hours. This challenge can create numerous issues when arriving to their new country of study.

Financial Pressures

International students often need to work while at school to meet financial obligations and support their families back home, which can add an extra burden and put undue strain on an already tight schedule, potentially deterring them from studying properly and leading to discrimination from people who do not appreciate their culture.