Master’s Programs in Ireland

graduate programs in ireland

Looking to explore Ireland’s unparalleled literary tradition or learn how to build an impressive website? Graduate study abroad programs could provide all of the skills and knowledge you need for success in these disciplines. Many programs are interactive, giving participants the chance to hone their abilities first-hand while experiencing their field first-hand.

Irish education system is similar to British in that it follows the Bologna system for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, meaning most master’s programs in Ireland require a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field for admission, in addition to taking additional English courses or fulfilling any other specific requirements. Please consult directly with each institution for details of admission procedures.

Ireland, known for its warm ‘Cead Mile Failte’ (one hundred thousand welcomes), boasts some of Europe’s leading multinationals as well as an active student community that adds to its vibrant educational atmosphere. Ireland focuses on innovation through partnerships between academia and industry to offer graduate programs across science, technology engineering and medicine disciplines.

Trinity College Dublin has earned worldwide renown for their master of Bioengineering degree, offering both theoretical and practical instruction in this vital field of bioengineering essential for sustainable development and environmental protection. A TCD master’s in Development Practice also offers both theoretical training as well as hands-on experience through internships at local NGOs or fieldwork in developing countries.