Nursing Courses in Australia

nursing courses in australia

Nursing is an international career that seeks to enhance individual’s health and wellbeing through care, support and education. Nursing jobs have never been more in demand as populations age globally. If you’re considering nursing as an undergraduate or postgraduate course option, Australia offers 11 of the world’s finest universities offering courses with international recognition – making Australia an excellent destination.

Undergraduate nursing degrees typically last three years and provide you with a broad overview of nursing practices and theories. Subjects covered may include behavioral science, physical science, ethics and professional subjects pertinent to modern nursing practice. Furthermore, practical subjects at leading healthcare facilities will allow you to put what you have learned into action. After you’ve graduated you are eligible to apply to AHPRA for a Registered Nurse license.

Master’s degrees in Nursing provide postgraduate graduates with an opportunity to specialize in their chosen area of nursing. The course focuses on developing understanding of clinical practices and the social context surrounding health care within your chosen specialty such as maternity, paediatrics or rehabilitation; developing interpersonal management’soft skills’.

To qualify for a Master’s in Nursing, certain requirements must be fulfilled, including having an approved Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent; current registration as an Australian nurse; or proof of your ability for graduate study by completing postgraduate qualifications such as the Graduate Diploma of Nursing. In addition, possessing high levels of English proficiency will enable successful completion of your studies.