Study Abroad Bachelor Degree in Data Science

Data scientists are in great demand worldwide as organizations increasingly rely on the analysis of big data for making informed decisions. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field encompassing statistics, computer science and mathematics; making it ideal for students interested in computing or maths. Studying Data Science abroad offers access to world-class education while honing analytical problem-solving abilities while expanding your network and gaining invaluable work experience.

Employers recognize your skills have been developed through an immersive learning experience and may consider your application for higher positions if it comes from abroad. Therefore, it is vital that you research carefully the university and program that best suit your career goals.

One option to consider when looking into data science courses is enrolling in an academic institution that offers a master’s program dedicated to data science. These courses aim to give students an in-depth knowledge of theoretical frameworks and practical applications of various topics related to data science; you will develop skills such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and business analysis while preparing yourself for a high-demand career path.

If you are interested in understanding more about the social and ethical concerns related to data science, this course can provide a helpful lens through which to examine collected and utilized information. You will also explore their effects on society as a whole.

UC Berkeley strongly encourages undergraduates to take advantage of the opportunity for study abroad during their undergraduate careers, whether for a summer, semester, or year. Our faculty can work with you to customize an individualized study abroad plan to fit into your major requirements.

This workshop provides an ideal opportunity for exploring the fundamentals of data science and how it can help solve real-world issues in a fun, exciting atmosphere. While gaining technical skills in Python, you will gain an broader perspective of its societal impacts across culture, politics, and ethics.

This intensive summer program will introduce you to the fundamental principles of data science through hands-on projects using open source tools and datasets from global organizations. Furthermore, it will offer an in-depth overview of its concepts and methodology such as exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics, simple probability theory regression nonparametric decision making supervised and unsupervised learning techniques such as neural networks support vector machines and decision trees.