Study and Live in New Zealand

New zealand offers stunning natural beauty and offers adventure sports fans an exciting lifestyle. Before making the move for study purposes, however, it’s essential that you are adequately prepared. There are practical considerations such as finding accommodation before arriving and learning basic language before your arrival date.

Accommodation options for international students in New Zealand vary, with universities typically offering on-campus halls of residence that can help quickly acclimate you to life in New Zealand. These halls may be more affordable than renting flats and come complete with their own student community; furthermore, this provides you with an ideal way of making friends from different nations and backgrounds that could last beyond your time spent here in New Zealand.

Other housing options for students can include renting a shared house with other students or living in a homestay. Living in a homestay provides you with a more personalized experience, enabling you to quickly understand local culture, habits, and customs – plus saving costs since expenses will usually be shared among flatmates or a family unit.

The minimum requirements for studying in New Zealand depend on your course and subject area, but most universities provide scholarships that can assist with funding your degree. You are able to work part time while studying, as well as full-time during holidays; additionally, post-study visas allow for post-graduation work opportunities in New Zealand.