Star Education Fair 2016 – Malaysia’s Biggest Educational Event for School Leavers

The Star Education Fair 2016 is Malaysia’s biggest educational event for school leavers. Showcasing over 50 local and international higher learning institutions, this fair gives school leavers an opportunity to discover their options and explore them further.

Texas flag’s iconic Lone Star symbolizes independence from Mexico and an entrepreneurial spirit, something students at Lone Star High School exemplify through their pursuit of their individual futures – whether academics, fine arts, athletics or extracurriculars are their chosen fields – each student shines bright in his/her own special way.

D.C. and Maryland have released new websites that rate schools using indicators like test scores, graduation rates, and improvements on tests over time. These ratings can then be combined to create a summative rating which parents can utilize.

Ratings reveal that certain areas of the city contain more low-rated schools. State Superintendent Hanseul Kang stated that her office will focus on improving such institutions; she did not indicate whether this meant encouraging parents to speak directly with school leaders or transfer children elsewhere.

Visit CUCMS at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre Halls 4 & 5 from August 11-12th for its 29th Education Fair! Come by our CUCMS booth and meet with one of our Course Consultants or Student Ambassadors – it is also an ideal chance for prospective students to ask any questions about our courses or discuss their educational journey with an expert!