Work and Study in France

work and study in france

French culture and lifestyle are one of the main draws to studying in France; however, many also seek to earn money to cover living costs; given its relatively high cost of living expenses, many choose to work alongside their studies.

Students holding EU or EFTA citizenship are permitted to work without needing a work permit, including those holding VLS-TS visas (student work permits). Non-EU/EFTA students with an academic course lasting more than three months must apply for either an APS permit (temporary work permit) or resident card within two months after graduating and can work up to 964 hours per year (approximately 60% of France’s average weekly working time).

Many universities provide student jobs that seamlessly fit with academic responsibilities, such as welcoming new students, tutoring existing ones, supporting cultural or sporting events or running campus amenities. You could even consider an internship program within your degree – these don’t count against the 964 hour limit!

Cafes, malls and other service-oriented businesses are always seeking English-speaking staff – which could be ideal for those struggling with the language barrier in France – though balancing a full schedule alongside your studies can be stressful.