Canada Student Visa Procedure

canada student visa procedure

As soon as you decide to study in Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires you to apply for a student visa (also referred to as a Study Permit). This temporary permit expires 90 days after your course ends; to extend it you will need additional documents and demonstrate a good chance of succeeding with your studies.

As soon as you have been accepted into your course, begin the application process for it immediately. Make sure all required documentation is ready, such as an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution; in Quebec students require a CAQ certificate. Furthermore, depending on your country of origin you may require either a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization before beginning.

As part of your application to Canada, in addition to providing documents you need for enrollment and living expenses, proof that you can cover these must be provided as well. Bank statements or affidavits from family members if accompanying are needed may also be needed; it’s a good idea to check Citizenship and Immigration Canada website regularly for changes or additions that might apply.

In some instances, governments require applicants to attend an interview based on their application and circumstances in their home countries. You will need to detail your career goals and why you chose a particular program; additionally, demonstrate strong ties back home that will encourage return upon completion of studies.