Cost of Doing MBA in Canada

cost of doing mba in canada

An MBA from one of Canada’s premier universities can be an invaluable way to advance your career prospects, yet is an expensive financial commitment in terms of tuition fees and living costs. This article will give you all of the insight into cost of studying MBA in Canada so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Tuition fees for an MBA in Canada depend on both the university and program chosen. At Ivey Business School, full-time MBA tuition runs to approximately CAD 123,500 while other universities like Rotman Business School charge similar sums.

Students studying in Canada must also cover living and transportation costs beyond tuition to live comfortably while pursuing their degree, including expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation and personal items. Urban areas tend to have higher living costs than rural regions so choosing one with affordable housing options is important.

People planning on commuting to school should set aside around CAD 100-150 per month in transportation costs for transit costs, which will include costs such as monthly passes and bus or train tickets bought during that period.

Students pursuing an MBA program in Canada should budget for any textbooks and educational materials needed for their program, such as textbooks. These expenses can quickly add up if studying at an intensive program with intensive classes or a demanding workload.