Internship Opportunities For International Students

internship opportunities for international students

Gaining hands-on experience in your field through an internship abroad is an invaluable way to bolster your resume, gain new skills, and forge connections that could prove vital later. Depending on the field you pursue, international internships might also allow you to discover industry techniques unavailable in your home country.

Intern Abroad HQ provides internships in destinations all around the world connected to its study abroad programs, including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dublin Florence London Paris Shanghai among many more. Internship opportunities are offered each summer semesters along with spring and fall.

Interning at Theme Parks and Attractions

An internship at a theme park or other tourist attraction is an ideal way to build English and customer service skills while taking in all that your chosen city offers. From marketing, operations management and more.

Health Care

Healthcare professionals play a vital role in society, and interning abroad in this sector can be an invaluable learning experience. At Intern Abroad HQ we have internship opportunities available in fields like nursing, pre-med, social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy – each one designed to prepare you for future career endeavors.

New York, NY: New York is more than a tourist mecca – it is also an ideal location for anyone aiming to break into entertainment or fashion industries as well as business, finance and hospitality students looking for their first career opportunities.