Study Music in Europe

study music in europe

Study Music in Europe

Many music students with aspirations of studying abroad consider it one of their top goals. Not only can study abroad programs offer exciting sights to see around the globe, they can also help foster an appreciation of other cultures while broadening musical perspectives. But when planning such an adventure there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on such an experience.

Musicians should be aware that there are various kinds of study abroad programs, and it’s crucial that they explore all available options before committing. Some programs focus on music history while others hone musical performance and technique – regardless of which kind you select there are essential considerations you should keep in mind when selecting your school and course.

Europe boasts over 4000 higher education institutions that offer degrees at bachelor, master and doctorate levels in music. These programs feature courses that can be integrated into an overall bachelor’s degree as well as specific certificate and diploma offerings.

European traditional music studies began to gain ground during the nineteenth century with the emergence of ethnomusicology influenced by North American anthropology. Before then, Europeans only studied their own country’s musical traditions – an approach still in effect today even as some regions struggle to protect their tradition from Western pop music and internal sociopolitical turmoil.