International Education Fair in Delhi

international education fair in delhi

Educatus Expo is an all-in-one education exhibition which provides prospective students with an opportunity to discover all of their available higher education options. At this event, they can meet representatives from top universities around India and around the world as well as experience firsthand their study abroad programmes.

At this free event, students are offered a unique platform to make an informed decision regarding their future career paths. Individual needs can be discussed directly with university representatives while scholarship opportunities are also made available to them.

EXPO Roadshows have provided numerous educational institutions – language schools, colleges, universities and high schools alike – with increased enrollments and brand recognition through student participation screening questionnaires, sending invitations only to those who possess both capability and desire for international study abroad studies. High quality students are essential in the success of any international student recruitment event.

Education is more than acquiring certificates; it’s about equipping ourselves with practical skills and knowledge that can be put to use in real world settings. By expanding your skill sets and knowledge this way, education provides us with a competitive edge and prepares us for entry into the job market with relevant credentials.