Study From Home NZ

Studying from home NZ provides you with access to world-leading institutions without incurring the costs associated with moving or living overseas. Discover an array of free courses and microcredentials offered by top New Zealand institutions and gain globally recognised qualifications that will enhance your career progression.

Learning online allows you to study at your own pace and work on assignments whenever it suits you, without the distractions of classroom-style education. Online learning offers great flexibility with courses to suit various interests and career goals.

No matter if your goal is pursuing a degree or professional certifications through short courses and microcredentials, the eCampus NZ platform offers something suitable. Plus you’ll benefit from learning from leading New Zealand teachers who are experts in their respective fields.

NZ government has introduced a program to assist international master’s students, subsidising one year of study costs from universities themselves and setting other fees based on level and subject of study. You can use Numbeo website to compare these costs with cities worldwide.

Accommodation expenses can range widely, from student halls and flats for private rental to homestays with local families. On average, renting a room in a house will run you between $100-700 per week; an internet and utility plan would add approximately $200 more; monthly public transport passes typically cost $150; plus you will need $300-400 set aside for books, stationary and academic supplies.