IELTS South Africa

ielts south africa

IELTS South Africa is an internationally recognised English language test used to measure one’s proficiency with this international language. The Ielts test is taken by people looking for work or education abroad and is available in 140 countries around the world; testing your listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. IELTS evaluates your ability to engage in face-to-face interviews with an examiner and there are a variety of free IELTS practice materials online which you can use to prepare for this exam. These materials provide a great way to assess your current English level and identify areas in need of improvement. Furthermore, these practice materials will give an idea of the exam structure – although please keep in mind that these free practice materials do not cover every part of the IELTS exam!

IELTS exams are offered worldwide throughout the year in over 800 official IELTS centres. You may choose between taking it on paper or computer; registration processes remain identical either way and valid identification documents must be brought with on the day of assessment.

IELTS exam can be dauntingly difficult for many students, particularly the writing section. Achieve band 7 on IELTS writing requires an array of grammar, vocabulary and high impact words – something most students struggle with. However, EC Cape Town offers an IELTS preparation course designed specifically to help you achieve your optimal IELTS score; this course covers key areas like exam strategy thinking skills as well as general English language abilities.