List of France Universities for International Student

France, one of Europe’s oldest nations, is an increasingly popular choice for students looking to study abroad. Renowned in social sciences, natural science, language studies and the humanities; France boasts excellent colleges with well-equipped spaces, highly acclaimed teaching faculties and research orientation; plus non-EU/EEA graduates can obtain an Autorisation Provisoire de Sejour (APS) valid for up to one year while looking for employment or starting their own businesses.

EPFL, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, is a top engineering university that consistently ranks among the world’s finest. Thanks to EPFL’s expansive research sites and emphasis on scientific excellence and diversity-minded education practices, its students are prepared for high positions within both public administration and advanced private companies alike.

Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay has over two centuries of history as an elite institution that serves both teaching and research functions, with strong links with universities worldwide.

Students that studied in France praised both its multicultural environment and beautiful, developed cities for providing them with an unforgettable study experience. Furthermore, many enjoyed attending various social events organized by universities; learning French proved easier than they anticipated too! Some public universities even offer degrees in art or architecture taught entirely in English – making these institutions ideal options for international students.