Student Visa Australia – How to Work While Studying

student visa australia work

Working while studying can provide many advantages, from helping cover living costs to developing your work experience and strengthening career prospects back home. But it is important to remember that your visa was granted on condition of evidence of sufficient funds being available to cover all your expenses during your time here in Australia.

Students holding student visas in Australia are permitted to work up to 48 hours every two weeks during their courses and an unlimited amount during semester breaks; postgraduate degree students or research project students may be permitted to work more hours than this limit.

Part-time work provides students with an important way to support themselves financially while building important professional experience, but it must be balanced with study and social life. If you find it challenging to manage both, campus services such as the Careers Centre may offer support and guidance.


International students may participate in both paid and unpaid internships that directly relate to their course of study, providing an ideal opportunity to build professional skills while gaining work experience that will be highly regarded by employers back home.

Students obtaining their Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) upon graduating may apply for an extension of two-year post-study work rights as part of their Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) post graduation. There are some requirements, including maintaining satisfactory course progress and meeting attendance requirements, having genuine plans to settle in Australia after studies are complete, signing an Australian values statement confirming they will uphold Australian laws and values, etc.