The Importance of a Student Visa Agent

student visa agent

Student Visa Agents can be an invaluable asset in realizing one’s study abroad dreams. Applying for a Student Visa may seem like an impossible feat, requiring filling out forms and communicating with authorities – however with help from an experienced Student Visa Consultant this process becomes far simpler and faster.

One of the key steps in securing a visa is being able to demonstrate sufficient financial support while studying abroad. Northwestern can help by issuing you with a letter verifying your financial aid package; contact Krista Bethel in the Financial Aid Office for this letter.

One aspect of applying for a visa is making sure you can stay for the entirety of your course, which can be challenging depending on DSO requests and U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations. If there is difficulty maintaining your status in the country, leaving may become necessary or your acceptance could even be cancelled outright.

An agent offering Student Visa services can give an estimated cost estimate for studying abroad, such as living expenses, university fees and ticket charges as well as miscellaneous expenses such as ticket charges. An estimate like this helps prospective students determine if they can afford their desired course.