Why Study Abroad in Europe?

why study abroad in europe

Europe provides plenty of good reasons for students looking to study abroad. Home to some of the oldest universities and an abundance of culture, Europe also enjoys an outstanding academic reputation and provides the opportunity to discover new countries and cultures while making lifelong friends – an experience which will prove invaluable both professionally and personally over time.

European universities take an alternative approach to learning than their American counterparts, with lecturing styles being more collaborative and student-centred, with smaller tutorial groups, less hierarchy, and an emphasis on practical application of theoretical knowledge rather than memorisation for exams. This provides more holistic learning that encourages self-reliance by helping you make your own mistakes rather than being told what information should be memorized for exams.

Tuition fees in Europe are significantly lower than in the US and some European countries don’t charge students at all, enabling you to travel around and visit all the amazing sights this beautiful continent has to offer while receiving quality education and expanding your professional horizons.

Your experience abroad offers you an invaluable chance to practice your language skills in Europe – a huge benefit that opens your world up further and increases employability as a global citizen.