Postgraduate Courses in USA

postgraduate courses in usa

Annually, over 950,000 international postgraduate students choose the US as their study destination – more than the combined total for UK and France combined! The USA is widely respected as an education provider with world-renowned institutions, graduating graduates who could make significant contributions across fields including science, culture, business and politics.

The United States offers an incredibly vibrant and welcoming culture, making it a fantastic environment for non-native English speakers to study the language while simultaneously experiencing studying in another culture. Furthermore, its cultural melting pot gives opportunity for cross-cultural understanding and friendship to thrive.

As with other countries, studying a Masters degree in the USA may either be academic or professional in nature. Academic Masters programs tend to lead to careers in academia while professional Masters programmes equip you for specific careers. An academic Masters will often culminate in a dissertation; similar to coursework essays found elsewhere.

American university systems are vast, boasting over 4,000 universities and colleges combined, yet only around 1,000 of these offer Masters programs. This provides you with a vast array of choices from top-ranked institutions to more niche institutions – we have made your search easier by compiling a list of the best US universities with their subject specialisation and rankings so you can find what Master’s degrees they offer more easily.