Top English Speaking Universities in Europe

top english speaking universities in europe

Netherlands and Sweden are popular choices among European countries for students seeking undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught entirely in English, while many programs in Switzerland and Malta also utilize this format.

Oxford is widely recognized as one of the top universities worldwide, consistently placing in the top three of global academic league tables. Oxford serves as a centre for research across medicine, life sciences, social sciences and humanities disciplines.

The University of Cambridge is another internationally acclaimed institution, frequently topping international rankings. Offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across almost every field imaginable; particularly notable for teaching law, economics and the arts.

Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo) is one of Europe’s premier schools for international students interested in politics, public administration and diplomacy. At this institute, multidisciplinary training and extensive knowledge of international affairs are instilled into its students; many go on to become prominent political figures around the globe.

Sweden boasts over 860 degree programs that are entirely taught in English, and tuition fees for EU citizens are waived at universities. Non-EU residents pay tuition fees set by each university; additionally, Maastricht City University boasts numerous degrees taught entirely in English including sociology, history, economics, psychology and art courses. John Cabot University in Rome also provides many English study programmes along with Italian language classes for its students.