Free Study Abroad Programs

free study abroad

Education abroad should not break the bank. Although tuition costs continue to climb worldwide, a few countries offer quality study abroad experiences at minimal or no costs – these countries allow you to gain global competitive educational edge without draining your savings account! In this article we’ll look at several such locations where you can gain global competitive edge without breaking the bank.

Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. From becoming immersed in another culture to enjoying saucy meat and espresso at a European cafe, studying abroad brings joy like few other endeavors can. Unfortunately, however, its cost can quickly add up leaving students saddled with massive student debt.

Now that studying abroad offers so many benefits – and can lead to significant debt – it is imperative to find ways to save money wherever possible. One approach could be looking for programs developed at your home institution in partnership with a renowned foreign university or language school abroad; such programs typically feature academic components (classes with professors teaching the curriculum; field trips to museums and monuments); cultural excursions and travel expenses as well.

Consider studying abroad in a country that provides free higher education to its students, like Norway (for instance). Norway does not charge tuition fees at both undergraduate and master’s levels for domestic or international students enrolled, though an administration fee will still apply (Top Universities, 2012). Working while you study can also help offset some costs – make sure to research any work visa requirements as well as potential part-time opportunities available to you before considering this route.