Ireland – A Favorite For Indian Students

ireland for indian students

Irish students have made Ireland one of their preferred study abroad destinations, thanks to its outstanding education system, welcoming culture and abundant career prospects for its graduates. This has resulted in increased enrollment numbers from Indian students – with 20% more Indians enrolling during 2021/22 academic year than during previous academic years!

Enrolling in an undergraduate or postgraduate program in Ireland requires providing all academic and non-academic documents required. Furthermore, you will need to pass the English Language Proficiency Exam (IELTS or TOEFL), have a valid passport with sufficient visa length that enables you to remain there throughout your studies and complete all tests related to English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Once you’ve decided to study in Ireland, it is crucial that you research all available university options to you and select one which meets both your career goals and interests. Be familiar with admission requirements, deadlines and tuition fees before making a final selection. Additionally, it is wise to plan your accommodation early. Students in Ireland have many accommodation options available to them including long-term hostels, home stays and community accommodation – the cost will depend upon both location and type. Prices typically range between EUR 130 to 180 per week (often inclusive of meals). For longer term stays, renting out an apartment might be worthwhile. Furthermore, to protect your credit score while traveling through Ireland you should open a separate bank account dedicated solely for Irish expenses.