MBBS From New Zealand

New Zealand offers Indian students an ideal learning environment for an MBBS degree, as its medical colleges are accredited by both MCI and the government. Tuition fees tend to be much cheaper than in India and you’ll enjoy safe, peaceful surroundings for your studies – as well as having your degree recognized worldwide, making finding employment after completion much simpler!

New Zealand’s six-year MBBS program encompasses three years of premedical study followed by medical training. While early years in the program focus on classroom education, later years focus on clinical training with real patients in real-life settings like hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For admission to medical school in New Zealand, candidates must pass the National Eligibility Entrance Exam (NEET). Only NEET-qualified candidates can apply to New Zealand medical schools; upon acceptance to your chosen university you must meet its minimum admission requirements and pass its exams.

When applying to study in New Zealand, a valid passport that will remain valid throughout your studies with clear photos is required. Furthermore, an international student visa should also be obtained prior to leaving home either online or by visiting an embassy; these applications should take less than four weeks.

Staying aware of your surroundings in New Zealand, especially outside campus, is crucial. Stay in familiar areas, avoid crowds and keep your phone on at all times – don’t forget to keep copies of your enrolment credentials, student visa and passport handy too.