Should I Study Abroad?

should i study abroad

Answering “should i study abroad?” is ultimately up to each individual; it depends on their goals, program options and finances. But if you want to expand your horizons while pushing yourself beyond comfort zones and experience life beyond your home country then studying abroad might just be perfect for you!

Students study abroad primarily to experience and gain insight into a different culture and customs. Immersion into a foreign society and making friends from all around the globe are incredible learning experiences that broaden cultural awareness as you come to realize that not everyone shares your opinions and beliefs.

Studying abroad can give you an advantage in the job market, as employers increasingly value candidates with international experiences. Living and studying in a different culture helps build appreciation of other cultures, navigate larger challenges more successfully and understand our globalized world – all invaluable skills in today’s workplaces.

However, some students may not feel equipped to leave campus for an entire year or lack the funds for such programs. If this sounds like you, speak to an advisor to find a short-term study abroad program that fits into your schedule; there may even be short programs as short as several weeks or a school break! You can easily stay in contact with loved ones through Facetime, Skype and other applications while abroad.