German Student Visa Checklist

german student visa checklist

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The German Student Visa Checklist provides an essential list of requirements every applicant must fulfill to obtain a study visa in Germany. As your interviewer may ask many questions regarding your motivation, academic background and career goals it’s wise to prepare well in advance for these discussions as well as familiarizing yourself with Germany’s politics and culture.

Letter of Motivation (LOM) All German Embassies/Consulates require applicants to submit an LOM as part of the application process for admissions to study programs at universities in Germany. Your LOM should convince officials that you genuinely wish to pursue admission and demonstrate why this study programme will benefit your career goals in an explicit fashion.

Proof of Health Insurance

In general, you will be required to show proof of a health insurance policy covering the duration of your stay in Germany. Depending on the course, this could either use existing coverage from where you currently reside, or purchasing an individual incoming policy specifically tailored for German residency.

Prepare yourself to discuss your financial situation, such as how you will cover tuition fees and living costs while living in Germany. Include an expense estimate as well as statements of income (such as from your father/sponsor and/or scholarships that have been provided).