Study English in Ireland Free

Study English in Ireland Free

Ireland is an up-and-coming language stay destination, known for its stunning natural beauty as well as renowned literature and live music scenes. Discover the warm hospitality of its people as you explore world-famous literature such as James Joyce’s Ulysses or music at its live venues; also experience Ireland’s rich history via trips to Trinity College Dublin or Cliffs of Moher.

No matter your goal in learning English as a Second Language (ESOL), or brushing up on basic or advanced level ESOL skills, Ireland provides a similar environment as most English-speaking nations – offering learners a valuable perspective into how it’s spoken and understood worldwide.

If you decide to learn Irish, there are numerous free resources online that can assist with this journey – dictionaries, music and podcasts are great ways to start learning the language while simultaneously practicing it!

Dublin is also home to many English classes for all levels, such as Horner School of English where students can attend free weekly art talks and museum visits as part of a language immersion experience, with their teachers providing examples on how they should use their newfound English in real-life situations. Classes take place every afternoon at reception – for more information please visit their website here.