Study Master in Malaysia

study master in malaysia

Study master in Malaysia is an attractive choice for international students as its tuition fees are much lower than other countries such as UK, Australia and USA. Furthermore, scholarships and English language preparation courses are provided to international students to make admission easier. Students applying to master programs must submit documents such as attested copies of Certificate XII/Graduation Diploma/Personal Information Form/Statement of Purpose etc to gain admission.

Malaysia also boasts one of the easiest immigration procedures for international students looking to study master in Malaysia, taking only 2-15 days on average to acquire their visa at Malaysian Embassy or Consulates after showing the Visa Approval Letter (VAL). This time frame compares favorably with countries that impose more stringent processes for student visa arrival processes.

Malaysian universities provide Master programs in a range of subjects that can be taken either on campus or via online learning. Many courses adhere to an internationally accepted format with semesters, assessments and an independent thesis research project at the end. A typical master’s degree lasts one to three years in Malaysia.

International students studying master’s degrees in Malaysia can expect funding through fellowships, scholarships or bursaries from Malaysian universities. These awards are granted based on merit and typically cover full tuition fees and living expenses. Furthermore, some universities may offer assistantship positions that compensate teachers or demonstrators based on teaching/demonstrating duties undertaken.