Last Date For Student Visa Application Canada

last date for student visa application canada

Student visas are immigration permits which permit foreign nationals to study in Canada. Their duration varies with each course taken and can be extended until completion. Applicants must have an unblemished criminal history, pass medical exams and provide evidence of financial support before being eligible to receive one. It must also be demonstrated that they intend to return home once studies have concluded.

Students should apply for their student visa as soon as possible in order to plan finances and get all necessary details sorted. When applying, make sure they possess proof of acceptance from their designated learning institute (DLI) as well as funds sufficient to cover tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs – plus an IELTS or TOEFL score of at least 6.0 for ease of processing their application.

Start early: the application process may take four to six months and applicants can track it through the Canadian government website with their own tracking ID. They also must submit valid passport, two recent passport-sized photographs, sponsorship form (if applicable) and medical documents – plus provide proof that no criminal convictions exist in their past.

Once their application has been processed, students will be sent a letter of introduction that must be presented at border services when arriving in Canada. Furthermore, biometrics may also be required at an official Visa Application Center to submit fingerprints and photos.


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