Master’s in Culinary Arts – Great News For Indian Students Planning to Study Abroad

study in france for indian students

Prime Minister Modi announced recently that Indian students completing their Master’s in France can now be eligible to apply for long-term post-study visas that last five years after completion. This announcement by France is great news for Indian students studying abroad as it opens up many opportunities and strengthens bilateral ties between both nations. Sayantan Biswas, co-founder of UniAco described this move by their government as an acknowledgment of Indian student talent while creating cross-cultural partnerships between both nations.

France offers higher education at an extremely affordable cost to international students, which makes studying there attractive for those from developing nations who wish to pursue a career in management or business.

Furthermore, France offers many universities offering English as a language of instruction. If your academic credentials and performance on standardised language tests make you eligible for merit-based scholarships to cover the costs associated with your studies, this could make studying there even more attractive.

Indian students in France tend to study subjects such as management and business administration, arts, theatre and sports activities as well as sciences et technologies. More and more Indian graduates opting for culinary arts master’s programs is also becoming popular.


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