Study Abroad International Business

Study abroad International Business

Study Abroad for International Business

Working in international business requires an in-depth knowledge of how companies operate across borders. Studying abroad provides you with an invaluable opportunity to witness this process unfold first-hand and see how global connectivity has altered company management techniques across cultures and nations. Furthermore, witnessing business practices abroad provides you with invaluable skillset needed for success in the field.

Study-abroad programs can enrich both your academic and professional careers, by expanding your awareness of international markets, cultures and practices as well as building up a more well-rounded professional profile that increases chances of landing internships or jobs abroad.

Study-abroad experiences are an integral component of business education and can expose students to unfamiliar market conditions that will test their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Furthermore, such experiences enhance cultural awareness and sensitivities between people from diverse backgrounds – which allows for stronger connections with international business partners/clients, leading to more success in international transactions.

As our world becomes more interdependent, demand for professionals skilled in international business continues to expand. This subject encompasses everything from working with multinational corporations and international non-governmental organizations, through mergers, acquisitions, and trade agreements to mergers. Students specializing in this area may gain an edge by studying abroad in order to better comprehend complex issues faced by multinationals and their stakeholders.

Studies on the benefits of studying abroad are well-recognized in literature. Studies conducted across a range of programs and trips have demonstrated how studying abroad opens students up to international issues, fosters cultural awareness of other nations, and cultivates more tolerant attitudes toward them (Anderson, Hubbard & Lawton 2015; Danjean Bunch Blackburn 2015; Lee Therriault Linderholm 2012 & Northfell Edgar 2014).

Study-abroad experiences provide students with invaluable lessons in international management styles. Learning about Argentinean and Costa Rican “green” business practices may demonstrate to students how they should adapt more readily when engaging with business partners from other nations.

NYU Stern offers students interested in international business an international business education a number of study-abroad opportunities to augment their academic understanding with more immersive cultural experience from one of seven countries. Through partner universities they take courses for both Stern elective credit as well as non-Stern credit – receiving full academic advising support if desired.


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