Universities in English in Europe

universities in english in europe

Many international students choose to study abroad in order to access world-class education while exploring more of the globe. Although the US and UK remain popular options, Europe is quickly becoming the place of choice when it comes to international studies – with numerous universities offering English as their language of instruction, students have plenty of choices when selecting a school.

The United Kingdom offers the greatest number of English-taught academic courses, but Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and France also provide students with English-taught programs for study. Some European schools even provide entire degrees taught entirely in English – like KU Leuven in Belgium which was recently named one of Europe’s best universities to attend for undergraduate, masters and doctorate studies according to QS World University Rankings.

University of Crete on Crete offers multidisciplinary research programs for both bachelor’s and master’s students; similarly, Germany’s Technical University of Munich also offers English-taught degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Just because a university offers courses in English doesn’t mean it is the ideal fit for you; do your research carefully on each school before making your decisions. Remember: Selecting the ideal university can have lasting impacts on both your life and career – good luck finding one through our helpful course matching tool!


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