4 Difficult Issues For International Students

international students problems

International students may have difficulty adapting to a new culture and may feel like strangers in social or class settings, even encountering discrimination or prejudice that negatively impacts their experience. Luckily, there are ways that international students can overcome these difficulties and thrive within their educational environments.

Language Barriers

International students face one of the greatest difficulties in communicating in a new language – English is most likely their native tongue; yet even so they may encounter difficulty understanding peers and professors due to different communication styles and grammar used by North Americans; students unfamiliar with North American slang may cause further complications in understanding each other – leading them to frustrations and miscommunication that threaten both their studies and relationships.

Homesickness Being away from home can be emotionally taxing on international students, particularly during times of pandemic. Students may miss their families and friends dearly. Furthermore, they may worry about returning to their country of origin and possibly being quarantined at some point.

Financial Concerns

Studying in another country can be costly, making it challenging for international students to manage their money effectively. This is particularly challenging if they are unfamiliar with North American currency and must consider taxes when buying items – it is helpful for these international students to keep this in mind when spending.


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