Chemical Engineering Internships

Chemical engineering interns work alongside teams of engineers to help develop innovative solutions in the field. They learn how to design and test prototypes as well as improve existing processes while honing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that are integral for this type of career path.

No matter if you’re working alongside other chemical engineering interns or industry professionals, it’s essential to show everyone due respect. You never know who could become valuable connections down the road, or who may provide insight into new projects or opportunities in your career path. Make a point to network with coworkers and develop meaningful relationships within your workplace.

For full-time internship opportunities, contact your professors and engineering career center. Companies hosting on-campus job fairs or providing formal internship programs could also present you with potential options. Internships tend to last between 12-18 weeks during summer terms while co-ops occur between 28 weeks during junior or senior years.

Chemical engineering internships may or may not be paid, depending on the company and role. Most pay at least an hourly rate; some even offer monthly stipends; college credit may even be awarded for participating. Participating in research as an intern may provide valuable experience while helping prepare you for graduate school studies.


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